Give it Back

Total running time: 5min 31sec


In the late night train, a young white university student drops his wallet under a snoring Maori man's seat. Just as he retrieves his wallet, the Maori man wakes up, notices his wallet is missing and accuses the distraught student of stealing. An Asian bystander furtively observes the heightening conflict. Played in a gripping clever turn of events, Give it Back portrays the culture of prejudice and stereotyping that permeates within the multicultural setting of Auckland City.

Director's Notes

GIVE IT BACK deals with social/racial perception, prejudice and stereotypes. It does so in a simple and light manner that is not too serious in contrast to other films on the subject. With this short film I hope to convey a sense of prejudice and culture stereotyping that is prominent among young people in Auckland, New Zealand.

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